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Project Details

This VR Horror Experiment was conducted for an HCI class, mainly testing VR devices and their limits. The game has the player strapped up to VR, heartbeat monitor and a tactical feedback vest to monitor stress levels. The goal of the project was to induce stress levels that exceeded of normal day to day.

My role in the project included: Level Designer and Concept.

The player is told to find 5 objects in the scene, in which are spread out strategically through the level. Found in the level is multiple triggers, that once entered, play a sound or make movement in the peripheral vision of the player. These triggers were then monitored both through the heart rate monitor and haptic feedback vest. 

For the level design, the level is very linear in nature but gives the illusion of player choice. There is a three way hallway, in which the player can choose which direction. However, all hallways diverge back into one for the final scene.  

VR Horror Experiment was a test in VR horror genre and is not a published game.

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