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Project Details

Trianglism is a game about friendly yelling between chaotic cooperative play. Players have the choice to play as either Kubric or Brox in a high paced, neon world filled with triangle invaders. Place traps in a isometric view to defend the crystal or use your spells in a third person perspective to defeat the triangles and their spawners, the type of play is your choice.

My role in the project included: Level Designer and Concept.

Trainglism started as a pitch jam and ended up becoming a side project for us. The original concept was two shapes hating each other and in the end we pitted cubes and triangles against each other.

The levels were crafted for both players in mind, giving each player an objective. Spawners to capture were placed around the map while endless waves of enemies swarmed toward the main crystal, found at the center of the map.  

Trianglism is and will be a side project. We are currently looking to add a VR aspect to the game and release to the market. 

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