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The rhythm of the universe has been thrown off by a mysterious force. Portals are appearing all over the land, letting frustratingly cute creatures from other dimensions into our world. After many millennia of rest, you must aid Alfred and take up the mantle of Rhythm Mage to restore the rhythm of the universe.

My role in the game included: Contract Level Designer

Rhythm Mage VR takes place in multiple levels with different styles. Starting from a cave all the way to another dimension, the possibility for level design was endless. Building levels for Medieval settings is one of my favorites, so crafting these levels were fun and exciting. 

The tricky and what proved the most exciting was crafting the dimension levels. Without any rule set of the previous universe, I was free to take a more abstract form to the level design. Floating houses, scaled objects scattered through space and lighting that added a real spooky dynamic to the levels.

This game is currently published to Steam, you can find the link below.

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