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Project Life RPG is a massively multiplayer based roleplaying game, allowing you to play as a Civilian while maintaining a job opportunity such as a Criminal, Police Officer, Firefighter and Paramedic. Decide who you want to be, and how you want to style your in-game life.

My role in the game included: Lead Level Designer, and management of level designers in their daily tasks. 

Project Life RPG's main city had three unique sections to its design. The main area I focused on was the main city, holding the apartment buildings and overall downtown section of the town. I also have design input on the industrial section and the environmental section, which consisted of the outside of the city and the central parks. 

The overall design choice for the street layout came from looking at two great city examples; New York City and Boston. Growing up near Boston, I always loved the feeling and layout of curved roads. However, when visiting New York City, I noticed the grid based layout of the city, creating a systematic  feeling. For the city in Project Life, I chose a combination of both designs. Keeping the feel of a major city but with some twists to promote fun travel.

Unfortunately, Project Life RPG is cancelled due to budget issues. My time as the Lead Level Designer at Stormrush Studios was amazing and what we made was amazing. Me and my team crafted a great city that would have served the game greatly! You can still view my past streams of me working on the game here:

This game is finished in production due to cancellation.  

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