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Project Details

Obliti is an empathy game regarding depression and has a unique role to play regarding people going through that illness. The psychological benefit of the game cannot be overemphasized.

My role in the game included: Level designer, overall concept designer and story concept. 

Obliti also has two major level sets in which the player goes back and forth between. The levels are called ‘The forest’ and ‘The house’. Each set of levels have four sub levels located in them. An example of the level sequence is Forest > House > Forest > House. 

Designing this game was tough for me due to it being a reflection of my experience with depression. The house takes the form of past memories, for the main character to hold on to; to be happy. The forest contains the harsh reality, the corrupted future he now has. 

As these levels repeat, there are changing aspects found within. Each house level, new rooms open up for the player to explore. Objects in old rooms are moved and new ones are added, playing on the theme of used space. I wanted the house to be familiar to the player while the forest very foreign to them each time. 

This game is currently being worked on, all gameplay and pictures do not represent the final product.  

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