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Project Details

Welcome to the Sherpa Tenzing Research Centre, located near Khumjung, Nepal, in the heights of the Himalayas. This escape room features a lost expedition team and a very hungry yeti. You will have only thirty minutes to solve the mystery before the yeti comes. Will you solve the mystery of the lost team or become part of the mystery? 

My role in the escape room included: Set Designer and Prop Manager.

My role as set designer and prop manager was to determine the layout of the room, which objectives and puzzles go where and the type of props used to build up the atmosphere of the adventure. 

The tough aspect on this project was crafting the right flow for the player. Using test runs, we saw the motions the players went through to solve puzzles. Moving puzzles and getting rid of excess props were needed in order to make the flow more natural for the player.

This project was set at a physical location at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for a limited time and is not available for play. 

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