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The Project Details

I was contacted to create four unique levels for a horror based game. The client wanted the mansion to be only lit by moonlight and only using minimalist lighting. The goal was to create an environment that felt devoid of life and has been abandoned for quite some time. 

The process to create these levels started with paper sketches. The first and second floor of the mansion were designed to be large but easy to navigate. The attic and basement were smaller in nature but still had the easy navigation. Once the paper sketches were approved by the client, white-boxing was started.

Using normal wall prefabs, the skeleton of the house was formed, to make sure scale and size were correct. Once that was established, smaller assets were placed in order to complete the scene.

The final process included the lighting, which was using mostly natural lighting but still enough to navigate the scene.

Overall, this scene took 11 days to complete and was a lot of fun to make.

Haunted Mansion: About
Haunted Mansion: Work
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